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From two years ago stolen from reddit. Windows 10 has become astonishingly worse... Boggles my mind why people still use it...

So far today i have had a windows 10 laptop thats nearly brand new, sit there and go "connecting" "disconnect" "connecting" "disconnecting" on the wireless network every 3 seconds. Just cycling over and over again. Just after a fresh reboot.

Had to disable and re-enable the wireless adapter to fix that.

And now, on a brand new HP spectre, im copying data across the network, and in task manager it has "1.3mpbs" next to the mini graph, yet, on the large graph, it has over 300mps. Its the same graph.

So many shitty user bugs, inconsistent user interfaces, for example, you select the wireless network in the flyout, it has connect in a square button, but "properties" in dark underlined font. Oh and rightclick doesnt work. You go up a bit to the VPN connection, and it doesnt have properties. you have to go through the various clicks and the horrific to navigate networking page that shows you information about the network adapter thats totally fucking useless. And to edit this? change your IP? you have to go BACK OUT and go somewhere else. Why not put an edit button there? no.. FUCK YOU says Microsoft.

Why is right click removed from so many interfaces? Why does the left hand bar of the start menu not respond to right click at all?

I go home and drink because the future of computing is a popup-add filled start menu filled with games that no one wants, search menus that dont work and send all that you type back to microsoft, and an operating system that everytime it does an update reverts all your settings, file associations and personalised preferences. I dont know how long i can go on like this with every major OS turned into a social media data mining experience.

5 years ago, if you had of gone up to a windows 7 desktop that was restarting without your permissions, was popping up games over and over again that you un-installed, had different right click menus everywhere, was sending your search data back to unknown servers, kept resetting your file associations and kept asking you to use another browser, your first thought would be: This computer is infected with a trojan or spyware, search hijacker or BHO toolbar with third party programs running amok.

Now? Now thats a the FLAGSHIP PRODUCT of a world class company.

You spend over 200 dollars on an OS, and you get fucking GAMES installing themselves over your bandwidth in the start menu.

So lets install office right? So you have to buy it. So you hand over your credit card, personal email address, home/business address, date of birth, all just to get a copy of office, that then installs and starts advertising the weather from the wrong fucking LOCATION in outlook.

This is after windows 10s "location" feature being horribly broken. After all that data mining they cant do a fucking GEOIP lookup?

Every few weeks, office gets updated. There is no QA done. The last update prevented the ability to save multiple attachments from outlook. The fucking REASON to have outlook is to work on your emails and documents, and they cant even fucking get that right, all the while touting all these amazing new features like integrated linux and docker funtionality, they CANT GET FUCKING OUTLOOK to work?

I do the IT for a professional customer facing business, and there is fucking minecraft and candy crush soda in the start menu.

RIght now, this spectre im working on has an external dock using an external monitor and network card. So windows 10 does the obvious thing and SHUTS THE DOCK DOWN WHILE ITS USING IT!!


I know after an hour, have to restart a backup procedure because windows 10 has shutdown its own network interface, that it cant even measure bandwidth on properly, after spending 30 seconds trying to work out why it has no network connections anymore for the backup im running.

Are you fucking SERIOUS?

Wait, it gets worse. I am browsing the network again. Litereally looking at the router in "Network", while the data has started copying again, and a blue bar pops up saying "this computer is not connected to a netork, click to connect."

Its connected, the network logo has no yellow or red mark. im literally looking at the network.

Clicking the toolbar does nothing. It goes "connect to a network" then dissapears.

Is this some sick joke that microsoft is playing on the world? to see how much shit people will take from their computer under the pretense of "Windows 10 is easier to use" "Focus on productivity!"

Lets see, look at a windows 7 machine. No popups saying "switch to edge its better!" or "how do you rate windows 10" or "would you recommend it to a colleague".

No auto-installing games in the start menu that takes up half the screen when you click it and all you want to do is open your fucking outlook.

No unskippable full screen prompts. No popups asking you to reconnect to the network you are STILL CONNECTED TO.

You open the start menu and open your application.

how.. HOW could microsoft fuck that up? Why is there "play and explore" on a business OS?

Why is there an xbox tile in my cad machine that i cant uninstall?

Why doesnt windows 10 stay connected to a wireless network?

Why is there all this touch interface bullshit on a screen that doesnt have touch capability?

Why is the font SO FUCKING HUGE. Why is there an INCH between each icon in the settings window that takes up the ENTIRE 1920x1080p screen?

Why does window defender keep putting itself in action center saying it didnt find anything during its last scan? WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT??

Why does 1 out of 10 surface computers just ignore group policy? Just.. ignores it.

Why does windows 10 routinely break offline files, pdf file associations and font sizes?

Why doesnt Search work? Why is it opening up EDGE and BING?? what the fuck i want to look for a file in my documents!!

The start menu has weather for fucking CANBERRA and im in brisbane, the time zone is set correctly as well. Does the app do a geo ip lookup? nope. Fuck it. Cant even be bothered to check the time zone much less the location.

Mine all your social media and search queries, but cant be bothered to work out where the fuck you ARE.

Go to the microsoft support forums, and 90 percent of fixes are "reinstall your os"

The other 10 percent are met with other people saying "oh it works fine for me" woopy fucking doo to you.

Oh you dont want to use cortana? well, to fucking bad. It's microsofts PC, and you are on microsofts terms now, its their pc, they can do what they want, because what are you going to do? nothing. You cant do a thing.

Got software that doesnt work on windows 10? too fucking bad for you, they wanted everyone to use Windows Datamine Edition 10 they ACTUALLY CHANGED the definition of CLOSE to mean "Accept"

Full screen fucking ads on perfectly working windows 7 installations to sell you on the newest shittiest least tested edition of windows ever made. An OS sooooo BAD, the standard fix for if something goes wrong is to just format and reinstall.

As well, lets make it even easier to diagnose your shitty new force installed os by REMOVING F8 boot settings!

The quickest way now to get into safe mode is to boot into normal mode and use the start menu! HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. You need safe mode because it wont fucking boot into normal mode