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after failed guix installation attempt i trying to install nixos on my old slow netbook.
i downloaded i686 release, dropped it to usb and booted from it on my netbook.
nixos is similar to guix in many ways, but have some differences.
nixos installation media does not provide any installer ui at all (which is not bad thing)
also it does not runing many annoying services which for example trying to configure network automatically, except dhcpcd which  i have killed  without any problems.
installation process is simple enough, similar to guix in manual mode (without their broken installer), i need to do partitioning, mount everything directly to /mnt (which i still think is not entirely correct), unlike guix, nixos providing tool which generating part of configuration automatically "nixos-generate-config", i guess guix does have something similar in their non-working installer, but in manual mode all mount points and devices must be filled by hand (which is not big problem, but take some time in complicated configurations), also unlike guix nixos does not provide config samples/preset like "desktop" or anything else, instead it define minimal system by default, which is also ok, still, some changes in generated config is required. it is necessary to set bootloader type (as this old netbook does not support efi which is chosen by default), for non-efi mode also boot device must be set, and that's all required changes i think. next i need to run installation process via "nixos-install", unlike guix it take something like 15 minutes, maybe a bit more, and 2+ gb of storage space (i do not know how much guix need, guix installation process aborted on 20gb filesystem because where are no more free space), also unlike guix, nixos does not compile anything, looks like all binaries for base system are available in prebuilt form, which is nice on such slow devices, after this installation process i have working minimal system on this netbook.

#^ - article about guix installation attempt on same netbook.

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