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nixos/guix filesystem for root

some time ago i have added #nix and #guix package managers as useful addition to my #exherbo based system, i am very pleased with this package managers, but i have noticed what some actions involving operations on a lot of small files, especially deletion cause large io performance degradation or even complete system hang on #xfs #filesystem on actions like gc or store optimization.
so i decided to switch from #xfs to #btrfs on this partition, i need something with reflinks (required for de-duplication in linux) because i want to have both nix and guix in one fs and also i want it in one fs because de-duplication is possible, compression is a nice bonus.

maybe someone can suggest something better ?, xfs does hang on small files deletion, but otherwise overall performance is nice, as for btrfs it is slow in general, had metadata leaks in past, incorrect and complicated free space information.

looks like f2fs have enough features (reflinks, compression), but in my previous test it was not ready for production use (had silent random data corruption).