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Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:
What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why?
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I almost did it. well, I still use gmail, but it can be easily switched to my local email server. it works fine, just I use gmail to avoid publishing local mail.
I still use youtube, because javascript is not something I want to have on my server and I don't want to host gigabytes of video and stream them from paid VS.
I can add some search engines:
but I must add google searches a way better than all other search engines all together. this is just the fact. so sometimes I have to use google, anyway.
Most SearX instances provide Google results.
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I usually search for very specific programming questions and no search engines usually find anything. and I don't use docker. I compile the whole system from sources and there's no python, or java or rust. so I'm very picky about the software, if searx written in C/C++ and can be built from sources, I'm ready to try it.
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I've just checked. it's written in python. and I deleted python from my distributive 😀 so it's not a variant for me.
Riot (Matrix) for a more complete chat and collaboration platform/protocol. Mastodon instead of Twitter. Funkwhale instead of Spotify. PINE64 hardware such as PinePhone and PineBook Pro. BitWarden, KeePassXC or Password Store instead of 1Password. Etc.
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KeepassXC is fantastic. Works great with yubikeys as well
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Outstanding! Thank you!!!
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#Mapillary has a "cooperation" with Facebook since a few days.
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thank you, this information is very helpful.
the home server approach is the only thing that comes close I think. I'm still not there yet but in a year... Maybe!
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amusing that in "getting free" from these companies, you also recommend tools that leech off of those companies' resources ( invidious, yalp store)
Paloma mastodon (AP)
Thanks, a very wide range of options here 😍. And in the case of Android alternatives, what about LineageOS? And also, last time I checked, Yalp wasn't working but Aurora is 😁.