sss friendica
does anyone know where is possible to buy ducky secret or ducky secret m mouse ?

or another mouse with following properties:
1. durable (pbt plastic or metal)
2. durable clicker switches
3. good sensor (not necessary with very high resolution, not for gaming)
4. big weight
5. not overloaded with keys
sss friendica
contacted ducky support, unfortunately ducky secret mouse is out of production long time ago, and unfortunately i am not able to find anything wired made from pbt plastic or metal.

here is , but this one have few problems, first - it's wireless, second - i am not sure what this case will be convenient to work with for hands
sss hubzilla (AP)
someone already suggested trackball, i am not sure about it yet...
sss hubzilla (AP) - does not looking durable, at lease plastic case and plastic buttons, i should check for one made of metal....
sss hubzilla (AP)
interesting, you mostly convinced me to try it )

also, it was a private message again,
it's ok, just letting you know
sss hubzilla (AP)
SteelSeries SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse - after ~6 month dying scroll, frayed keys, just regular usage, no gaming.