sss friendica
nowdays soft is critically ugly, let's talk a bit about shitcord, this piece of shit use 554mb of hdd with just plain install, and hang on startup on system with 512 mb ram, minimum amount of ram fo this shit to be usable is 1024, also, this is not real program, instead its chromium drenched in js shit, like most kid's "software" nowdays (

#discord #shitcord #shitsoft #js #chromium #hate
sss friendica
current version of # - exactly same shit, # # + # shit, 506mb plain install, 1gb startup memory.
Iron Bug friendica (via ActivityPub)
why do you ever use it all this shit? no shit - no problem.
sss hubzilla (AP)
just tick it with a long stick few times, need to have up to date view on situation.